5th Chakra: The Throat
Also known as:
Vishudda & Throat Chakra

Did You Know?
The Throat Chakra is located in the throat. Its function is: Communication and creativity. Its inner sate is synthesis of ideas into symbols. Meditation on: I speak. Balancing this chakra is important for the speech and communication areas of the brain.

The Throat Chakra:
Represents the center of communication ,self-expression, and personal magnetism. It is the bridge between our impulses and reactions. It is the chakra that most influencesintercommunication and our "persona's." This energy center that we fully express who we really are and what is lying within us. It is also the link between emotion and thought. This energy center not only represents the spoken language. It also represents your body’s gestures, posture, and listening abilities. This chakra also allows us not only to speak our mind but to listen to others.

This chakras Sanskrit name is “Vishuddha” meaning “Purification” relates to self-expression, communication, truthfulness, expression of will power and creativity. This energy center is a blue lotus of 16 petals. Since this chakra is located in the throat, it is the force of vibration, often expressed as sound. As well it controls our ability to convey ourselves.


Elements: Ether
Area of Consciousness: Expressing, Receiving, Abundance, Flowing, Manifestation, Listening to Intuition.
Honors: Communication
Main Issue: Communication
Seat of: Wisdom, Responsibility

Location: Hollow area of the throat, just above the rib cage.
Sense: Hearing
Nerves: Cervical Plexus
System: Metabolism
Glands: Thyroid

Energies: Calming, Soothes, Relaxes and Angelic realms
Soul Lesson: Divine Will.
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Astrology Associations: Gemini, Virgo

A Balanced Throat Chakra:
We are able to convey our emotions, our inner life, without fear of judgment. We have strong boundaries. We are centered, good speakers, who are artistically inspired,. We not only can live in the present, but also have an easy grasp of spiritual teachings. We also feel totally in tuned with out outer world. Additional qualities we posses would be: sincerity, truthfulness, and self-reliance.

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Blocked Throat Chakra:
We either have difficulties expressing our feelings, or we keep ourselves closed down. We may hide guilt and anxiety issues because we can not express ourselves fully and easily. We may feel under a lot of pressure (that we put on ourselves) and we are very demanding on ourselves.

To Heal, Balance or Unblock, the Throat Chakra:
You can use any one or combination of the following Healing Modalities. Please Refer back to Chakras Home Page to find out how to Test, Unblock or Heal your Chakra.

Colors: Sky blue or Turquoise blue
Sound: Flute or Woodwind
Musical Notes: G Sol
Essential Oils:
★Roman Chamomile


Gem Stones/Crystals:
★Blue tiger Eye- heals the throat area, helps align the spinal column.
★Blue Storm Agate- anchors spirit to body, assists with clear communication.
★Clear Quart- amplifies energy of any other stone as well as its healing modality(color, essential oil ,sound or gem stone) , also clears and amplifies focus.

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