1st Chakra: The Root
Also Known as:
Base, Muladhara, Root Chakra, Security Center


Did You Know?
The root chakra is Located at the base of the spine. Its function is survival and grounding, Its inner state is stillness and stability. Meditation on: I am. Balancing this energy center gives energy to the physical body, controls fear, increase overall health and helps grounding.

The Root Chakra:
Is not only the first, it is as well as the slowest vibrating chakra of the seven major ones. The energy center develops during birth to three to five years of age. Since this center is closely linked to the physical, it is related to how grounded we are on this plane.

This chakras Sanskrit name is “Muladhara” Meaning “Root” or “Support” and relates to the physical plane, material reality, and associated with the natural force of gravity. This energy center has 4 petals as shown in the image to the left. Within us, it creates the solidity of our physical selves; emotionally and psychologically, it is the source of our sense of individuality and feeling of place within the universe.

Element: Earth
Area of Consciousness: Safety, Security,
Trust, Survival, Money, Home, Job.
Honors: the Earth
Main Issue: Survival/Physical Needs

Location: The base of the spine; tailbone.
Sense: Smell
Nerves: Sacral Plexus
Systems: Skeleton, Lymph, Elimination System.
Related Glands: Male: testes & Female: Ovaries

Energies: Grounding, Focusing, Centering.
Soul Lesson: Service
Ruling Planet: Saturn
Astrology Association: Capricorn

A Balanced Root Chakra:
When this chakra is balanced, and healthy, we are centered and have a strong will to live. Plus we are also able to give and receive fulfilling physical and sexual pleasure.

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A Blocked Root Chakra:
Will cause our physical energies to be low, our vitality to be weak, and we more than likely we will avoid physical activity. Additional blockage symptoms we may notice manifesting as paranoia, insecurity, a feeling of being out of touch with gravity, fertility issues, and low libido in either sex. In a Woman-she may not be able to acquire an orgasm, find intercourse painful, or may be sexually frigid.In a Man- he may suffer with the inability to achieve an erection.

To Heal, Balance or Unblock, the Root Chakra:
You can use any one or combination of the following Healing Modalities. Please Refer back to Chakras Home Page to find out how to Test, Unblock or Heal your Chakra.

Color: Red
Sound : African, Cuban
Musical Notes: C Do
Essential Oils:


Gem Stones/Crystals:
★Red Garnet
★Hematite- general healing & balancing, focuses energies.
★Obsidian- general healing, removes blocks.
★Clear Quart- amplifies energy of any other stone as well as its healing modality(color, essential oil, sound, or stone) also clears and amplifies focus

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