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This link exchange is an offer to allow our visitors a chance to check out your high-quality-content website. So if you have a great healthful and helpful alternative website with wonderful information that you think my readers would be interested in and you would like to exchange links this is your opportunity.

Certain conditions apply :

To make this beneficial for both parties please link this site to relevant content pages on your site. In return, we will link back to you from relevant content pages on this site.

If you link this site to a Link Page or Resource Page, we will link to your site the same way.

Directions to follow :

1) Link this site on a web page on your site that is relevant to this site.

2) Take a look around this site to find a web page relevant to the content on your site. (If you are unable to decide or forget to do this, we will choose a web page on this site for your site.)

3) Then fill out the Request form below.

4) After the information is reviewed you will receive and email with either an approval or disapproval.

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