iRobot's Roomba….Is a Must Have…

I recently purchased the iRobot's Roomba 562 Pet Series

It is amazing at the amount of dirt, dust, pet hair, dander, cat litter, crumbs, leaves and other debris my Roomba picks up as it autonomously navigates throughout my home. Roomba automatically adjusts from carpets to hard floors and cleans everywhere you want while avoiding off-limit areas.

As my family and I have problems with our allergies especially with, dust & pollen…..These features made choosing a roomba easy…

• Vacuums dirt, debris, pet hair, dust, allergens and more from carpets
   hard floors
• Counter rotating Bristle Brush and Beater Brush work together like a
   and broom
• Sturdy Bristle Brush digs deep into carpet fibers to grab dirt, debris, pet    hair and more
• Powerful vacuum sucks large and small debris into the large, bag-less bin
Fine filter traps dust, pollen and tiny particulate inside the bin
• Cleans the whole floor, under and around furniture, into corners and
   along wall edges
• Detects dirtier areas and spends more time cleaning them
• Spot Clean provides quick clean-up of spills and concentrated messes
• Automatically senses and avoids stairs and other drop-offs

As they have 9 models to choose from I am certain you will not have any problems finding the right roomba for your needs.

iRobot - Save $50 on Select iRobot Roomba Vacuum Cleaning Robots

Now, Let me share with you how I saved a whopping $32.00 on my order…..

Irobot rewards you for referrals…

Click Here Then Simply go to the tab that says:
Tell A Friend & Save ..Click on it…

Next- Fill in your information then at the bottom you will be asked for your friends name and email address……you only have to refer one friend to get your coupon…...Now…hit Send..and within 24 hours you both will receive a special 10% Off Coupon via e-mail to use on your order

See how easy that was…yeah, it was a Cinch.

Okay we have talked about the Roomba a robot who vacuums your floors, and I showed you how to save 10% on your order….

But have you heard about Scooba?

Scooba washes your floors:
• Sealed hardwood
• Linoleum
• Tile floors

This amazing robot cleans all the caked-on spills, dirt and gunk that life leaves behind, removing up to 98% of common household bacteria when used as instructed. Better yet there's no pre-sweeping needed!…And yes this one is on my Christmas list….

Both of the roomba and scooba are perfect for everyone….especially for those disabled, elderly, or those who simply want to just save time on cleaning to spend with their family….

But, it doesn’t stop there the people at iRobot also have available:

Verro - pool cleaning robots
Looj- cleaning robots
Dirt Dog- shop sweeping robots
Create- a robot you can build

Don’t forget to check out their Robot Multi Packs……

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