Green Cleaning -VS-
Cleaning with Toxic Chemicals

What is Green Cleaning?

Green Cleaning is defined as cleaning to protect health without harming the environment.

Did You Know.....

Many common household cleaners contain toxic chemicals which have been known to cause health problems such as:
• Headaches
• Dizziness
• Miscarriage
• Menstrual changes
• Respiratory ailments
• Decreases in fertility
• Increased prevalence of asthma
• Cancers of reproductive organs
• Changes in the onset of puberty
• Exacerbations of asthma symptoms
• Premature birth and other effects
• Irrataions to the Eyes, Skin, Nose, Throat, and Mouth
• Reproductive harm such as alterations in sexual
• Can also interfere with the development of a child's neurological,
  endocrine and immune systems.

And the list goes on and on………

Need more reasons to want to Green your Clean?

Then take a look at the some additional Benefits of homemade cleaners:
• Safer for you Family, Pets, and Home
• Kills Mold
• Kills Bacteria
• Eco-system friendly
• Environmentally safe
• Less Expensive

Did I Mention....they even sooth and relax you as you clean...

Imagine that concept for a minute....

As essential oils are used in 90% of recipes we will teach you to is good to know why they are used.

Many essential oils have Disinfectant, Antimicrobal, Bactericidal, Antiviral, Germicidal , Fungicidal, Antibacterial properties...which boost the effectiveness of any green cleaner.

You may be surprised to know that many of the supplies we have listed on the next page you already have on hand. And if you don't, No problem as the items are readily available at most retail, grocery and health food stores. We will show you all the toxic cleaners you can replace that you currently use in(or on) your:
• Kitchen
• Bathroom
• Bedroom
• Living Room
• Laundry Room
• Floors
 Cleaning Robots
• Furniture

Ready to get started?

Let’s move on to the supply list to help you gather items you will need to make these recipes. So, go ahead and start eliminating all those toxic cleaners so you can replace your cleaning caddy with homemade environmentally safe non-toxic ones instead…

We will also share with you some great recycled items you can add to that cleaning caddy....

Let's GO Green!!!

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