Green Cleaner Recipes to Help You Put the Green in Your Clean!

Make sure to Scroll down and see 5 reasons why you should use green cleaner recipes.

So,let's go ahead and eliminate all our toxic cleaners and replace your cleaning caddy with these environmentally safe non-toxic ones….

Fact: Liquid dish soap is the leading cause of poisonings in the home for children under the age of six (over 2.1 million accidental poisonings per year). Most brands of liquid dish soap contain Formaldehyde and ammonia.
Reason #1 Why You Should Use Green Cleaner Recipes.

All-Purpose Cleaner
• 8 drops orange essential oil
• 4 drops lemon essential oil
• 2 cups hot water
• 2 tsp liquid castile soap
• 3 drops lavender or sandalwood essential oil
• 2 drops tea tree essential oil

Combine: all ingredients into spray bottle. Shake well till blended.

Floor Cleaner
• 15 drops orange essential oil
• 8 drops lemon essential oil
• 1 Gallon hot water
• 2 tbs liquid castile soap
• 2 tbs jojoba oil
• 6 drops lavender or sandalwood essential oil
• 1 Mop bucket

Combine:1st add Orange & Lemon essential oils into 1 gallon of hot water in Mop bucket. Blend this mixture; then add the liquid castile soap, jojoba oil, & lavender (or sandalwood) essential oil mix well.
To use: Just mop the floor. Afterwards you can rinse with plain hot water if you choose.

Fact: the average home today contains on average 62 toxic chemicals - more than a chemistry laboratory of a hundred years ago.
Reason #2 Why You Should Use Green Cleaner Recipes.
Simply because you will know what is in your Homemade Green Cleaning Product.

Microwave Cleaner
• 32 oz empty spray bottle
• 2 cups hot water
• 3 tbs citric shine

Combine: 1stPour hot water into spray bottle then add citric shine. Put Nozzle back on bottle shake.
To use: Spray mixture into microwave; Then turn on microwave on for 1-2 mins then just wipe inside of microwave. You may have to repeat a several times but u will not have to scrub.

Glass and Mirror Cleaner
• 32 oz Spray Bottle
• 10 drops orange essential oil
• 1 cup vinegar
• 1 cup distilled water

Blend Vinegar and orange essential oil into 32 oz spray bottle. Then add the distilled water to bottle and shake we

Fact: Women who work in the home have a 54% higher death rate from cancer than women who work outside of the home.
Reason #3 Why You Should Use Green Cleaner Recipes.

Quick Wipe Down:
• ¼ -½ hot water
• 2 drops Eucalyptus essential oil or (any antimicrobial essential oil)
• 1 small bowl

Combine: water and Eucalyptus into small bowl.
To use: take a cloth submerge it into the solution , wring out. Then begin wiping down counters, walls, door knobs, light switches.

I use this quick wipe down every time we get sick to knock out all the germs. It worked great for when we had the h1n1 virus.

Soft Scrub
• 1 small plastic container
• 1 cup baking soda
• 3 drops Tea tree oil
• 4 drops Eucalyptus (can substitute with lavender,lemon,or peppermint)
• 2tsp Vegetable Glycerin

Combine: in a small bowl baking soda, vegetable glycerin, tea tree & eucalpytus essential oils till it is a creamy paste. Then put into small plastic contain & seal lid for storage.

Fact: Out of 2,435 pesticide poisonings in a one-year period, over 40% were due to exposure to disinfectants and similar cleaning products in the home.
Reason #4 Why You Should Use Green Cleaner Recipes.

Furniture Oil Polish
• 1 sm Glass jar
• 2 tbs jojoba oil
• 6 drops lemon essential oil ( you can also use lavender or sandalwood)

Combine: all ingredients into the small jar.
To use: apply to wood furniture using a soft cloth. Keep solution covered and you can store Polish indefinitely.

Carpet Freshener
• 1 cup Baking soda or Cornstarch
• 10 drops of Esential oil such as: lavender, lemon, Eucalyptus, or Orange
• 1 shaker container/bottle

Combine all ingredients in a bowl ix well. Then place into a shaker bottle.
To use: Sprinkle on the carpet and leave for 15 minutes then vacuum up.

Fact: Today, children have chemical exposures from birth that their parents didn't have until they were adults. Because children are exposed to toxins at an earlier age than adults, they have more time to develop environmentally triggered diseases, with long latency periods, such as cancer.
Reason #5 Why You Should Use Green Cleaner Recipes.

Room Spray
• 32 oz Spray Bottle
• 8 or more drop of essential oil(s)
• 2 cups warm water

Combine: all ingredients into spray bottle. Shake well till blended.
To use:Shake before use. Then spray solution into the air as you would any spray ont eh carpets, curtains, and furniture, but do not let the water fall on good wood.

Mold and Mildew Eradicator
• 32 oz Spray Bottle
• 2 tsp Tea Tree essential oil
• 2 cups water

Combine: all ingredients into spray bottle. Shake well till blended.
To use: Spray solution onto problem area. DO NOT RINSE!

Be sure to label all your homemade green cleaning formulas and to keep all out of the reach of children and pets.

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