7th Chakra: The Crown
Also Known as:
Sahasrara & Crown Chakra


Did You Know?
The Crown Chakra is Located at the top of the head. Its function is: Understanding. Its inner state is : Bliss. Its meditation is: I Understand. When balanced this chakra is said to give vitality to the cerebrum and affects the development of psychic abilities.

The Crown Chakra:
Is our link to the wheel of life, yes our connection with our true being and life path. It’s from this energy center that we feel inner peace & enlightment. Also this energy center is our connection to our "higher selves" and to the "divine." It is associated with wisdom and integration of our eternal selves with our current physical selves. Since this chakra functions as an inlet for or a link to spiritual energies it is seen as a umbilical cord; which connects us directly to "God.". It is because of this connection we “KNOW” God or feel a sense of higher knowledge.

This chakras Sanskrit name is “Sahasrara” meaning “Thousandfold”. Sahasrara chakra relates to spirituality, transcendence and being connected with higher planes of consciousness. This center is also referred to as the "Thousand Petal Lotus"and functions to maintain a continuity of consciousness.

Elements: Inner Light, Thought/Cosmic, Energy
Area of Consciousness: Universal Consciousness
Source of Direction, and Intuition.
Honors: Spiritual Connectedness
Main Issue: Spirituality
Seat of: Our oneness with all

Location: Top of Head
Sense: Empathy
Nerves: Brain
Systems: Nervous System
Glands: Pineal

Energies: Air, Meditative, Intuition, & Promotes thought.
Soul Lesson: Be at one with the source.
Ruling Planets: Uranus
Astrology Associations: Aquarius

A Balanced Crown Chakra:
Is open to divine energy, total access to the unconscious, can transcend the laws of nature, miracle worker, spiritual, faithful, peaceful,refined, joyful, grateful and love of beauty.

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Blocked Crown Chakra:
Will disrupt or prevent flow of spiritual energy in either direction. Life now becomes stagnant and meaningless. All possibilities for spiritual growth will cease and the physical body will eventually die when this chakra is blocked. A proper balancing of this chakra will can release information of our higher self with our physical body. Imbalances cause: depression,, intense erotic fantasies, feeling misunderstood and/or shameful, expressing a low self image , inability to maintain relationships ,self denial, excessive need for sympathy

To Heal, Balance or Unblock, the Crown Chakra:
You can use any one or combination of the following Healing Modalities. Please Refer back to Chakras Home Page to find out how to Test, Unblock or Heal your Chakra.

Colors: Violet ,White or Clear.
Sound :Spiritual
Musical Notes: B Tl

Essential Oils:
★Rose Otto

Gem Stones/Crystals:
★Red Garnet
★Amethyst- brings spiritual clarity, emotional healing
★Snow(white) Quartz- brings pure white energy, helps overcome victim-hood (can be used where clear quartz is used, equally effective but gentler).
★Clear Quart- amplifies energy of any other stone as well as its healing modality (color, essential oil, sound or gem stone) , also clears and amplifies focus.

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