Aromatherapy essential Oils really do pose therapeutic properties.

Before I tell you the reason for me starting this website on aromatherapy let me share with you why I chose the name aromatherapy for mind body and soul. Through much research and my own experimenting; I have learned that essential oils heal and balance our mind body and soul as a whole. And as I did the research for the chakras section of my site, what I discovered only backed up what I already knew and felt in my heart.

Now, let me share with you what inspired me to build this site..........

Aromatherapy has always piqued my interest. Yet, it was not until till the year of 2007 while my husband was deployed to the Middle East that aromatherapy became my passion. I decided to try meditation to gain some peace of mind. Well, it was harder than I thought. I needed more than a little help, I needed a miracle. I could not slow my mind down. This discouraged me a bit; I decided to do some research. I read somewhere that lavender essential oil would help obtain the state of mind I so desperately wanted to experience. I did not hesitate I immediately jumped into my vehicle and raced off to my local Health food store to pick up a bottle. That day proved to be lucky for me in more ways than one. They were having a buy one get one free sale. What woman does not like a good sale? When I left that store I was the proud owner of 4 bottles of the pure essential oils: lavender, lemon, peppermint, and jasmine were my choices. Now all I needed was some tea lite candles and an oil burner. Yep, I was convinced this would do the trick.

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It gets better; I got home and wasted no time. I practically ran to my room and put on the lavender. I learned really quickly that meditating was going to take some more practice on my part. What I haven't told you is that I was going through a bad case of depression. This is actually very common for family members of deployed soldier to experience. I did not go get any medication to help, because I did not realize I was depressed. Well, I loved burning the lemon its aroma is so crisp, clean and relaxing. When I got down to only 1/4 of a bottle left, I decided to burn the Jasmine. That sweet smelling flower proved to be my saving grace. I burned it everyday all day long. Not realizing the positive effect it had on my mind. It went deeper than just smelling good. The plants essence or soul, if you will, was helping me battle my depression. I first noticed I was not crying at the drop of a hat. Next, I felt the dark, heavy fog I was under lifting off of me. I was able to get out of bed and start living my life as a soldiers' wife. I started introducing myself back into society again. Wow, no more crying when someone asked about my husband. For the first time since the deployment began I was in control of my emotions not the other way around. The Jasmine gave me the confidence and strength to accomplish things I never would have attempted before.

I had to know more about this little plant spirit that freed me from my depression. I had no idea how truly amazing and therapeutic these essential oils were. This is where my journey begins, as I am still exploring the field of this ancient science. I wanted two things to happen. First, I wanted a way to collectively group and display all my research into bite size pieces. Second, I wanted the information to be fast and easily accessible for all my family and friends. Writing a book was just not an option for me. So, guess what I decided to do? Yep, you got it I start a website on Aromatherapy.

As we except the gifts these plants (essential oils) have to offer us our eyes will be opened to an alternative way of living and experiencing life. Imagine how wonderful we will feel as our mental, physical, and spiritual selves are balanced. What could be better than this?

So, please except my personal invitation to come explore the world of aromatherapy with me. As I build this site together we will learn about the benefits of aromatherapy as we discover: essential oils and their properties, ailments they heal and relieve , The 7 major chakras they balance, and their effectiveness in green cleaners just to name a few of the sections this site will contain

Remember Knowledge is Power......

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